Bali’s Best: 5 Amazing Luxury Villas

Bali’s Best: 5 Amazing Luxury Villas

Sun-kissed Bali offers holidaymakers with a plethora of alluring villas, ranging from attractive beachfront abodes along the Southern coasts, to hidden gems tucked away in the lush greenery of Ubud.

Holiday makers with a taste for splendour will be delighted to discover that the sunny island is no stranger to well-designed villas. Think sprawling abodes containing a picturesque garden, private spa facilities, ornate furnishings and sweeping views of the sea.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Well, we deeply assure you that it is not. Continue reading on, for we bring you our hand-picked selection of five amazing luxury villas in Bali:

Arnalaya Beach House


With renowned firms such as CSYA and Studio Daminato working on the architecture and interior designs of the villa, it comes as no surprise that Arnalaya Beach House boasts a beautiful structure and sleek, modern interiors. The neutral colour scheme, contemporary furnishings and tasteful ornaments lend an elegant and classy vibe to the villa.

Built to impress, Arnalaya Beach House contains an array of luxurious entertainment facilities such as a spacious infinity pool, private spa, gym room and games room, ensuring that guests are kept well-occupied during their stay at the stunning villa.

from AU$2,880 /night

Villa Bidadari

Nusa Dua

Perched along the clifftops overlooking the Indian Ocean, the stunning Villa Bidadari is blessed with fine touches of luxury.

The villa boasts an infinity pool that overlooks the boundless ocean, a private inclinator and a unique Balinese Cabana bedroom tucked away at the bottom of the cliff. Apart from transporting guests to the cabana, the inclinator also brings them to a beach path leading directly to the sandy coasts beneath the cliff.

With top-notch facilities, sweeping vistas of the sea and direct access to the beach, Villa Bidadari is indeed a grand vacation retreat that is hard to beat!

from AU$1,900 /night

Villa Bayuh Sabbha


Step into Villa Bayuh Sabbha, and you will find yourself wrapped in an air of luxury and grandeur.

The villa boasts a fine selection of amenities, and contains two private pools, a gorgeous clifftop garden, spacious verandahs, polished marble floors, a walk-in dressing room…the list goes on!

The luxurious setting and stunning scenery enveloping the villa are just a part of Villa Bayuh Sabbha’s charm. The villa also boasts a team of professional staff offering excellent hospitality, ensuring that all guests who reside within its compounds are well-satisfied with their stay there.

from AU$2,887 /night

The Shanti Residence

Nusa Dua

Boasting a beautiful setting and luxurious amenities, The Shanti Residence stands as a good competitor against its neighbouring five-star resorts.

Sitting along the towering cliffs of Bukit Peninsula, this dreamy villa is a gem of a find in Nusa Dua containing a private spa, gym facilities, bubbling jacuzzis, airy gazebos and plunge pools. In addition to its array of fine facilities, guests at the villa will enjoy a selection of top-notch services by a private chef, butlers, full-time staff and chauffeur.

from AU$2,105 /night

Pandawa Cliff Estate


The epitome of class and grandeur, the commodious Pandawa Cliff Estate serves as the perfect abode for holidaymakers with a taste for luxury.

Containing three individual villas, the spacious compounds of the estate is home to a wealth of amenities, such as a swimming pool, spacious pool deck, BBQ pit, spa room and sports centre. The diversity of amenities caters well to the whims and fancies of each and every guest, ensuring that vacation makers will enjoy every single moment of their stay in the villa.

from AU$7,782 /night

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